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Gender issues, tactility and tradition


Feminism and the female world is my topic of conversation.  From within my pieces speak not only of the woman who does the repeating motion again and again without a visible purpose or reward, but also of that woman’s place in our western society with the demands on appearance and good looks that it puts on her, however consciously or subconsciously.  My pieces also talk of the current trend of using the female body to advertise anything and everything that has nothing to do with the subject.


My artwork is also in its nature about tactility, repetition and aggregation, repetition of the same knot, pattern or movement that in its multitude makes up the whole piece.  The pieces thereby address the traditional use of handicraft, which through history has mostly been regarded useless, except for passing time, and at the same time rebukes the standardized beauty image or looks that our society promotes through technology and media advertisements, as well as those who maintain that image. 


I try to address all of this and the audience with humor, although the subject is sometimes deadly serious, through choice of materials and a title that gives a hint about the content and intent without hitting people over the head with it.  Thereby creating tactile and poetic three-dimensional pieces that dance between the borders of textiles and sculpture, and sometimes make people laugh.

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